Friday, February 13, 2015

Wedding Quickie! - Think Outside of the Box with Your Custom Wedding Favours

Okay, so we all know the traditional and fairly typical wedding favours out there... they are a safe bet! If you want your wedding to stand out and to be unique you need to step outside of the box with your thinking... Here's a little help in doing so! With Choice Promotional Products I was able to get creative with combining wedding themes and unique and fun ideas for custom wedding favours; you're welcome ;)

Backyard BBQ Wedding

Destination Wedding

 Garden Party Wedding

Hipster Wedding

 Eco-Friendly Woodland Wedding
 Now the rest is up to you!!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Wedding Quickie! - Have Your Wedding Light Up the Sky with Wedding Day Sparklers

Okay, it's February and even though the groundhog saw it's shadow I feel like Spring is just around the corner... even if we are getting six more weeks of Winter. With Spring comes warmer weather, and with warmer weather certain wedding details make their way outdoors. Some of those details being reception celebrations and the wedding send off line. Enter... wedding sparklers!! Wedding sparklers have been becoming quite the trend recently along with lanterns and led balloons. 

Wedding sparklers have a ton of great uses from adding them to centerpiece arrangements to using them as part of the send off line. Wedding Day Sparklers is an online shop that specializes in all things that sparkle and shine!!

Wedding Day Sparklers have a wide range of items to choose from but my personal favourite are the heart shaped sparklers!! Not only are they super sweet and perfect for a wedding but they have awesome reviews.

Don't stop there... if sparklers are a must at your wedding to light up the skies with your love you'll want to check out some of the other items Wedding Day Sparklers has to offer. Sky lanterns are also used as part of wedding day celebrations and in some cultures hold significant meaning. My sister-in-law used both sky lanterns and sparklers to create memorable moments at her wedding engagement photo session which included both her groom-to-be and maid-of-honour; it was both enchanting and unique. Get creative and make your wedding everything you want it to be and more!!!niagara-engagement-photography/c1dqh!niagara-engagement-photography/c1dqh!niagara-engagement-photography/c1dqh!niagara-engagement-photography/c1dqh!niagara-engagement-photography/c1dqh
Photo Credit: Workman Photography

My sister-in-law's maid-of-honour loved the idea of incorporating sparklers into an engagment photo session that she opted for a magical moment as well... also captured by Workman Photography.!kristieandjay/c9vl

 May your love burn brighter and brighter each day! xo