Saturday, December 28, 2013

Provide Organization & Entertainment at Your Wedding with Tribute Kiosk!

As our lives continue to be surrounded by technology, weddings also begin to morph with the technology trends that both provide entertainment and make wedding planning easier. Tribute Kiosk is one technology trend that is becoming more popular for brides and grooms trying to bring organization and fun to their wedding!

With Tribute Kiosk you can begin planning and organizing your wedding with the online service; then on your wedding day a Kiosk is provided that greets your guests, lets them know the seating arrangement, tells them all about the wedding party, allows them to take photos and leave video messages for the bride and groom, and leave monetary gifts or make a donation to the charity of your choice! All that in a free standing video machine. Tribute Kiosk serves the Greater Toronto Area and as the bride and groom you can create a free wedding website, create and manage your guest list, send out invitations, receive RSVPs, create a seating plan for your guests at the wedding, view a slideshow of your photos, and even view your wedding messages online and will also receive a DVD of all the high definition messages. For more details about how Tribute Kiosk works check out the video HERE!

One of the key features of Tribute Kiosk is that it is an unattended photo booth for your wedding that allows guests to take pictures and print them on customizable 2x6 or 4x6 prints. It further allows for video messages to be recorded; having an unattended kiosk is much better than attended kiosks or photo booth set ups as the guests are more at ease when using it. When your guests are at ease, they record memorable messages for you. The kiosk is also available for the whole wedding as it is unattended instead of only a few hours with a photo booth photographer. Once the party really gets started guests can be free to come and go as they please rather than a specific time during the evening. Guests can also come and browse through other people's pictures and comment on it as well bringing a more interactive experience!

Want to know what others think about Tribute Kiosk, check out the testimonials from brides and their guests. If you would like more details about the service or would like to book a kiosk for your wedding contact Tribute Kiosk HERE.

Have fun at your wedding with Tribute Wedding!!

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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Art of Calligraphy by Melissa Brown

According to Wikipedia:

Calligraphy is a visual art related to writing. It is the design and execution of lettering with a broad tip instrument or brush in one stroke (as opposed to built up lettering, in which the letters are drawn). A contemporary definition of calligraphic practice is "the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious, and skillful manner". Modern calligraphy ranges from functional inscriptions and designs to fine-art pieces where the letters may or may not be legible. Calligraphy continues to flourish in the forms of wedding and event invitations, font design and typography, original hand-lettered logo design, religious art, announcements, graphic design, and commissioned calligraphic art, cut stone inscriptions, and memorial documents (Wikipedia search: Calligraphy).

Mellisa Brown brings this and more to the art form of calligraphy through her calligraphic services for brides and grooms-to-be. Melissa has been passionate about writing since she was 5 years old and fell in love with her mother's impeccable penmanship. Her first cursive script teacher was her mother, then later she enrolled in classes with a multi-talented art instructor with whom she learned the details of greeting card etching and design, silk screen printing, woodblock printing, and broad-pen calligraphy, the latter of which she continued to practice consistently over the years. After recognizing the talent she had in an art form few have mastered, Melissa knew it was time to bring this personal gift to the public.

Calligraphia by Melissa was born in the New York metro area in 2006; she is a member of the Association for the Calligraphic Arts and has been featured on since addressing the invitations for their Northern NJ industry party in 2007. With numerous testimonials attesting to her talent in the calligraphy art form, professionalism, and fabulous responses from wedding guests, Melissa is a sure thing when seeking those special touches on your wedding invitations and other written wedding details! Melissa relocated to Florida in 2011 and has been selected by local brides as The Knot's Best of Weddings 2012 and 2013 pick. She currently serves the Tampa Bay local area, as well as national and international clients. You can check out her beautiful work HERE!

For details on Melissa's calligraphy services and prices click HERE... The flourished italic style is available in your choice of ink color from the studio; other styles are available in limited colors only. You can contact Melissa directly for a quote on all custom orders at 877-300-1838 or

Make your wedding invitations stand out with Calligraphia by Melissa!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wedding Quickie! - The Best Custom Wedding Bobbleheads from Head-to-Toe

Have you ever secretly wished there was a Bobblehead that looked just like you? With OMG Bobble you can make that wish come true... in fact you can transform both yourself and your fiance into a Bobblehead wedding cake topper for your wedding day! OMG Bobble offers two kinds of custom wedding Bobbleheads: 7 inches tall standard Bobblehead dolls and 3.5 inches tall mini Bobblehead dolls. No matter if it’s one person, two people or a group in whatever clothes, poses, or accessories OMG Bobble can create it! If you can provide pictures and ideas, they can make the 3D Bobble heads. Check out these fun wedding Bobbleheads :)!Looking-for-A-Best-Wedding-Gift/cpdz/50F392DE-9BFB-4677-ADC0-7C27994EBE53!Custom-Wedding-Bobbleheads-By-OMGBobble/cpdz/8D37103C-66ED-4D16-957D-2E1616172963

OMG Bobble is an artist-owned American company devoted to fully customized handmade Bobbleheads and have been named America's #1 fully customized Bobbleheads.

OMG Bobble provides:


* 100% handmade Bobbleheads fully based on your photo & ideas from head to toe. ANY cloth, items, poses, shoes can be DONE.
* No hidden fees. Price includes hat, tattoo, glasses,and small items on hand, such as ball, golf club, etc.
* Perfection in details, use a real veil for bride doll.
* Worldwide shipping.

In just 4 weeks you can have your custom wedding Bobblehead to show off to your wedding guests and keep at a memento of your perfect day!!gallery/c17jy!gallery/c17jy!gallery/c17jy!gallery/c17jy
Click on the picture above to purchase your custom 7 inch wedding Bobblehead now!

For the 3.5 inch version click the picture below to purchase your custom wedding topper :)!store/c219r

FAQs: Want to know more, click on the FAQs to learn more about having your own custom/handmade Bobblehead created!!

If you aren't looking for a wedding cake topper check out this great idea... Bobbleheads as groomsmen gifts!!How-to-Plan-the-Best-Wedding-Gift-for-Bestmen/cpdz/1

Bobble On :)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

eBridalSuperStore - Get your wedding dress at a fraction of the cost!!

Have you tried on countless wedding dresses but just can't get passed the price tag... You know your measurements off by heart and you have the style numbers written down so when you make the decision you know which dress to ask for. Well check out eBridalSuperStore for your dream dress at a fraction of the cost!

You Save 46%

                You Save 50%

eBridalSuperStore is an online shop that sells sample dresses that are new, discontinued dresses that have been tried on in the store. They have not been altered or worn in a wedding. So they are not second hand wedding dresses, but they are not being sold as NEW because they have been tried on by multiple brides looking for that perfect wedding dress. eBridalSuperStore also feature new affordable bridal gowns, bridesmaid, flower girl, and mother of the bride dresses.

eBridalSuperStore is now selling Allure wedding dresses at a fraction of the price and more dresses are added daily. You can check out the Allure clearance dresses HERE!

You can find new designer dresses at eBridalSuperStore as well including Bridal, Bridesmaid, Jr Maid, Flower Girl, and Mother. With names like Allure, Alfred Sung, Mori Lee, Davinci, and Alfred Angelo you are sure to find a style you love. Below are just a few of my favourite dresses for an upcoming wedding :)

For additional information about eBridalSuperStore services click HERE. When looking for your wedding dress make sure you shop around to get the best price, that includes in bridal shops, online, and even at second hand stores... You never know what you are going to find, saving you money and helping to create your dream wedding.

Looking for something special to wear while getting ready to put on your perfect dress for your wedding day? Check out Homebodii for elegant bridal and bridesmaid wedding robes!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Not Your Ordinary Engagement and Wedding Rings by Rodeo Gold

I personally love unique engagement and wedding rings, I am not a solitaire kind of gal nor did I want a ring similar to what everyone else had... I did find my engagement/wedding band at a jewelry store however, I did not find it in the wedding sections :) My ring was not a typical style to fit and band but that was okay with me because it was unique enough to stand alone. My ring was used as both my engagement ring as well as the wedding band exchanged during our ceremony. I fell in love with my ring because of it's antique feel with intricate scroll designs as well as the sparkle with forty-one tiny diamonds.

Whenever I come across non-traditional alternative to engagement and wedding rings I get excited! I found that excitement in Rodeo Gold's ring collections and wanted to share them with you.

Stand Alone Engagement/Wedding Rings

Matching Couple Wedding Rings

This is just a mere sample of what Rodeo Gold offers so if you have something else in mind check out their full website. Rodeo Gold ships world wide and offers the option to change the language and currency on their website to assist your shopping experience. They have a variety of categories to choose from to help you select the perfect wedding rings like Gemstone Bands, Dragon Bands, Cylindrical Bands, Rolex Bands, Unique Bands, and more... You can also shop Rodeo Gold's jewelry sections for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and anklets. With their lowest price guarantee you are sure to find the ring set you are looking for. Step outside the box and express you individual personality through your choice of wedding ring!

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Put A Ring On It!