Thursday, January 29, 2015

Healthy Bride Series - Aphrodisiac Foods!

If you have read previous Healthy Bride Series blog posts you will know that Everything Wedding DIY is no stranger to promoting a healthy sex life and satisfying marriage... If you are new to this blog and I have peaked your interest you can check out some of the other sexy blog features below:

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Today's blog feature is all about naturally enhancing the mood with food... so, without further ado let's talk aphrodisiacs! For those who don't already know what an aphrodisiac is, it is a substance that when consumed increases sexual desire. It is highly unlikely that you have never consumed an aphrodisiac before because they are common sometimes everyday foods in some cultures. Surprisingly aphrodisiacs for men and women can differ. 

It is said that the top aphrodisiacs for women are:

* Fenugreek
* Ginseng
* Cacao/Dark Chocolate
* Cinnamon/Ginger/Nutmeg
* Flaxseeds
* Red Wine
* Watermelon
* Pumpkin Seeds

And the top aphrodisiacs for men are:

* Oysters
* Bananas
* Avocados
* Nuts
* Shrimp

No that your interest has been peaked, you can learn more about aphrodisiac foods on A Touch of Erotica! Whether you are saving yourself for your wedding night or are hoping for some extra romance on your wedding night, aphrodisiac foods should definitely make an appearance on your honeymoon to enhance a healthy sex life. Touch of Erotica has a detailed list of aphrodisiac foods along with the reasons they work; so go take a look and design the perfect menu to set your hearts on fire!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Wedding Quickie! - Get your App on!!

This Wedding Quickie is all about getting your app on... with some of the newest wedding apps and tools to make your life easier while planning your wedding.


DesignApp is a FREE web application that lets brides-to-be and non-designers create designs for wedding invitations, stationary, monograms, etc; couples can design everything they need for their wedding. Using a drag-and-drop tool, DesignApp is easy to use for custom images. This app works for all devices; mobile applications are available on Google Play and the IOS App Store.


iGuest App is a FREE guest management app specially made for weddings. It helps wedding coordinators or the bridal party check in guests paperless with speed and style. This app works for iPad and is available on the IOS App Store. If you want to know more check it out HERE.

Happy Planning!!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

WEDDING TREND ALERT! - Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Gone are the days of traditional cookie cutter weddings; the wedding scene is now an exciting one where you truly can't anticipate what you will see next when it comes to wedding styles. Yes, there are still those who tend to more more on the traditional spectrum however brides-to-be are beginning to embrace what makes them unique and are using the vast array of wedding themes and details to express themselves in a way never seen before. That being said the common idea of diamond engagement rings and wedding bands are no longer the only stone you will see on the fingers of brides and grooms.

Believe it or not blue sapphire engagement rings were far more common that diamonds in the Victorian age. Sapphires represent truth, faithfulness, and sincerity; all of which represented the proposal you would hope to receive when choosing a partner in marriage. It was also more common to see brides-to-be from affluent and royal families to be adorned with coloured gemstones over diamonds and blue sapphires were amongst the more popular stones used in engagement rings.

Following along with the trends of unique wedding rings and details, sapphires have becomes one of the most common stones found in modern engagement rings; although many brides are also seeking antique wedding rings with the once traditional sapphire stone. The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to choosing or designing your own engagement ring and if you are seeking your own blue sapphire engagement ring this Wedding Trend Alert! should be of assistance in finding the perfect one. To help get you started in your search, take a peak at some of the amazing blue sapphire engagement rings offered by EidelPrecious! You can find their shop on Etsy, and with well over 2,000 sales and a rating of 5 stars you know you will be receiving a high quality engagement ring.

 I have fallen in love... I know you will too!