Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wonderful Wedding Series: Elegant Fiesta Wedding!

Today's Wonderful Wedding feature is all about using a white pallet to create the perfect backdrop for an elegant wedding. When you think of a fiesta you probably think of bold colours and bright designs... well BEBKE does it again by pulling off this large (600 guests) wedding infused with details of two cultures, Mexican and Israeli. 

* (If you missed the first Wonderful Wedding feature: Junk Yard Wedding, check it out!!)

For this fiesta wedding the bride and groom wanted elegance' well with BEBKE, this is what you get...

Fiesta Style: 600 Guests
Location: A Banquet Hall, Israel
Photography By: Alexey Kudrik

Elegant, Clean, Sweet

Wedding Quickie! - The Upbra... A Must Have for Brides and Bridesmaids!!

You will be glad you checked out this Wedding Quickie!  Did you find the perfect wedding dress and now have to find the perfect bra to go with it, well here it is... the Upbra!

The Upbra is the first adjustable cleavage enhancing lift-up bra. Set the degree of lift and cleavage exactly how you want with any outfit and it stays up strapless. Really! It is a convertible bra too. Perfect for wedding dresses and other formal-wear. Right now Upbra is excepting pre-orders for their VIP (Very Important Presale) Program. The Upbra is set to launch Summer 2014, but if you place a pre-order they will ship your size as soon as it is in stock. Even before the launch! 

Click on the VIP Treatment info above to pre-order your Upbra for your 2014 wedding. Brides and bridesmaids have different shapes and sizes, this is a great solution to find that perfect fit for everyone! No need to fuss with the dress not sitting properly or even worse your strapless bra falling down while you're on the dance floor and constantly re-adjusting... The official launch date of the Upbra is June 2014 and with a pre-order you will get yours as soon as the bras are produced.

You're Welcome... ;)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Wonderful Weddings Series: Junk Yard Wedding!

In this new series Wonderful Weddings I will be featuring unique, beautiful, creative, and inspirational weddings. I love that brides and grooms are injecting their own personal style into their wedding days and stepping outside of the traditional wedding box that once existed. There is no longer a wedding "norm" and couples are freely creating a day of celebration that embodies the essence of who they are as a couple including their values, culture, and personal beliefs. 

This first wedding feature is one shared with me by BEBKE an Israel based wedding planning company. BEBKE wedding is one of a kind. In the perfect ambiance, the precise location, the special flavors and rising sounds... a story like this, written just for you, is not soon forgotten.










 Junk Yard Wedding

Gypsy Style: 270 Guests
Location: Iron-Art Workshop, Israel
Photography By: Alexey Kudrik

Stylish, Colourful, Unique

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wedding Quickie! - Spring has Sprung with Flowers on 1st!!

Living in Canada, I am so done with the snow now and ready for the fresh new look of green grass sprouting, the sound of birds chirping, and anticipating the gorgeous mix of colours from Spring flowers!! Flowers brighten up any room or event and bring beauty wherever you see them all the more reason why flowers can be such an integral part of weddings. Just adding flowers instantly changes the decor.

Flowers on 1st is a Vancouver, BC based flower shop offering a variety of flower displays and options. You can instantly change the look and feel of your wedding just by choosing flower arrangements to match your colour and theme. Flowers can be used in bouquets for the bridal party, as reception table centerpieces, aisle decor, and ceremony decor.

Aisle Decor

Reception Table Centerpieces


Ceremony Decor

The possibilities are endless with flowers, bring beauty to your wedding day with nature!

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