Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wedding Quickie! - Wedding Ceremony & Reception Music with Walla Music

In this Wedding Quickie! you will be introduced to Walla Music, where you can book your wedding ceremony and reception music all at the same place.!wedding-ceremony-music/c21y4!aboutus/c3r5

You chose the style of music from a variety of instruments and Walla Music will make sure your choice fits your budget and theme of the wedding.Walla Music provides the finest musicians in the Greater Toronto Area creating the unique and elegant atmosphere you have envisioned with both soloists or an ensemble.!cocktail--reception-music/cbod!private-event-entertainment/c1npr

For your cocktail hour and reception Walla Music has collected a large repertoire of classical, light jazz, Latin, and pop selections so your can truly personalize your cocktail hour and carry it on into the night for an unforgettable reception. You can check out Walla Music's gallery to get an idea of which musical combination would be perfect for your wedding as well as listen to audio samples in their ceremony and reception categories. For questions and booking you can contact Walla Music HERE!!gallery/cg47!gallery/cg47

Looking for more services in the Toronto area? Check out these ones:

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bri's Beloved - Bloominous!

Okay, I just have to say it right from the start... I am in LOVE with Bloominous!! Seeing as this is the Bri's Beloved Series I am just going to gush over this start-up company that offers DIY floral decor; honestly such an amazing idea... For my wedding I DIYed almost everything including the bouquets and flowers and had I have known about Bloominous or had access to a similar service I would have used it.

Bloominous is a Los Angeles-based start-up that is changing the way people DIY floral decor for their events, weddings, and parties. Their DIY floral kits give you everything you need to DIY easily and successfully. They have amazing collections that are professional designed by renowned florists, and their flowers are cut-to-order ensuring freshness. Even their farm-direct flowers are delivered in the right proportions along with photo-instruction cards and video, taking the guesswork out of DIY and saving time and money.

Step #1:
Choose your floral arrangement from Bloominous & order online.

Step #2: 
Open your package with excitement!!

Step #3: through the step-by-step photo instructions provided & DIY...

Step #4:
Marvel at your glorious creation!

Step #5:
Tell all your friends you are the new Martha Stewart :)

Not quite sure which floral arrangement you want? No problem, with Bloominous you can order a trial kit from their collections at 30% off and free shipping so you can see first hand what the colours will look like with the rest of your wedding decor before the big day!



(If I had a collection on Bloominous this is what it would look like!)

Love Bloominous as much as I do and want to know more... check out their Story about how they got started on their very own blog.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Healthy Bride Series - Honeymoon Bliss!!

In this Healthy Bride Series you will get a sneak peek at some sensual products that can help set the mood for that infamous first night as a married couple!! 

Interesting Fact:
  • Poll of 2,128 newlyweds found 52% don't have sex on wedding night
  • A quarter of the time groom gets too drunk, 13% of the time, bride
  • One in ten couples argue before the reception finishes

For those who would like to be a part of the lucky 48% I have found a great resource for sexual wellness products that would surely compliment any honeymoon!! Holistic Wisdom sells only phthalate free, and paraben free products. Many people would be shocked at what is just lurking in their personal lubricants let alone some of the chemical interactions they can have with sexual products. Sexual health is part of a healthy lifestyle and what better place to talk about it than a DIY wedding blog. No one else can improve your sex life but you so take control and check out some of these great products to enhance your sexual health and marital relationship.

Holistic Wisdom has adult gift sets that would be perfect to give at a bachelorette party or bridal shower to be used on the honeymoon and throughout a marriage.

Want to buy yourself a little something to create that honeymoon bliss? Try Holistic Wisdom's massage oils made of the highest quality materials and ingredients. Their purity award winning massage oils and lotions are good for your health with organic lines and paraben free formulas.

You can also join Holistic Wisdom's Reward Program and instantly get $5 off any order as well as future coupons, free products and savings that will last beyond the honeymoon!!

Have fun creating your own Honeymoon Bliss!!