Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Bitter Sweet Name Change...

When getting married these days you have several choices regarding your last name and how you go about the process for the wedding:

1. Take on your husband's last name (Traditional)
2. Hyphenate the two last names (Practical)
3. Keep your maiden name (Sentimental)
4. Create a new name from both last names (Functional)

When I got married I chose to hyphenate my last name with my husband's for two reasons. One reason was because I had worked very hard to get my education and build my career and up until the time I was married all of my degrees and certificates were in my maiden name. In my profession (social work) I had built a good reputation and was known by my maiden name. For practical reasons I didn't want to confuse anyone or have to re-establish myself in the field and go by a new last name so I chose to hyphenate my name because when you do that you are free to use either name as needed. Which leads to reason number two, privacy!! Because I am in the field that I am, I like to keep my professional life separate from my personal life. I use my husband's last name for all personal matters with friends and family, home expenses and bills, identification (driver's license, passport, etc.). Our children will also have this last name so not to be easily identified by those that I work with as a social worker. For me it was the most practical solution to maintaining my identity as a professional and creating a new identity as a family.

If you are still undecided about how you would like to handle the decision of a name change when you get married you can check out some of these links that may be able to provide some insight and suggestions.

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So now you have made a decision... or maybe you are already married and are wondering where to begin with the name change process. I've come across an Easy solution for Canadian brides and brides-to-be... where you can find a name change checklist help guide you through the process of changing your name. It can be a daunting task to change your name over on various paperwork. For me I didn't have to change everything over but even the idea of sitting down and coming up with a list of what I needed to do to change my name was enough to make me put it off for a year... literally!! I procrastinated big time however, had I of known about I likely would have got on top of it sooner.

With you can simply use the website to gather information and use their handy checklist OR, you can save time and the headache of making all the phone calls and tracking down forms to fill out and send to all the offices to change you name by using one of the DIY packages for changing your name!! They offer basic, standard, and premium packages all at a reasonable price for Canadian residents to change their name after marriage. If by chance you have been previously married and need to complete paperwork for a divorce and separation name change can help you as well :)

Make life simpler...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wedding Trends of Spring/Summer 2014 Look"Blog"

With Spring nearly upon us all the latest Spring and Summer 2014 wedding trends are in full force!! If you are a Spring bride and haven't pulled all your wedding details together this is the place for you; however, I highly suggest you get cracking ;) For the Summer brides like my sister-in-law who is getting married this August you have a little more time to play around with however, do not leave it to the last minute!! 

For some brides it's hard to pull together your vision but with this Wedding Trends Look"Blog" you should be able to capture those final details and even find places to purchase the finishing touches!! From wedding invitations with Diva Gone Domestic (which my sister-in-law needs to get on... just a little reminder Tracey!), Tungsten wedding rings from Wedding Bands for Both, Men's wedding accessories with GentlemanJoe, Custom wedding logos with blair_rose, and Paper flower bouquets and arrangements with FAV Creations.

Romantic & Personal

Hues of Blue

Sustainability with Nature

Bold Brights

Pretty in Pink

Eclectic Design

A little about the shops/vendors featured:

Diva Gone Domestic - DGD is not just a printing company! They are designers, artists, stylists and planners.  DGD is a boutique stationery & graphic design studio offering gorgeous & unique designs. Owner & Creative Director, Tara started Diva Gone Domestic in 2010 and has quickly become known for trending designs, spectacular craftsmanship and amazing service.  Based in Western Pennsylvania, they have happy clients all over the world. Have questions, ask DGD HERE!

Wedding Bands for Both - Features an eye-catching assortment of durable top quality tungsten wedding rings in classic designs to fresh and modern styles, you will find the perfect option to accommodate your personal taste. Wedding Bands for Both can also tailor-make a band to fit your exact specifications. Tungsten is the toughest metal on the planet making it the ideal metal for wedding bands! Have questions, ask Wedding Bands for Both HERE!

GentlemanJoe - GentlemanJoe is a family run business built on a lasting reputation of maintaining great customer service and quality products. GentlemanJoe has been providing men's accessories to their USA, Canadian & International customers since 2005, and they look forward to adding you to their list of happy customers too! Their range of Silk and Microfiber ties are constantly being updated and they also offer a great range of Boy's Ties, Zipper Ties, Bowties, Pocket Squares, Cufflinks, Bracelets, Men's Jewelry, Groom's Socks, as well as other Men’s Fashion Accessories. Contact GentlemanJoe HERE!

blair_rose - Blair Rose creates custom digital images, emblems, wedding monograms and stamps for $5!! You can use your custom design throughout your wedding for a personalized touch! You can check out all the options HERE!

FAV Creations - FAV Creations was born after Pauline designed and handcrafted flowers for her own wedding. She is so in love with paper flowers – an art that maximizes her creativity and imagination. So she decided to keep going and design more art pieces to share with many people around the world. Pauline's goal is to make her flower creations your Favorite! For a custom design contact FAV Creations HERE!

Now Get Planning!! Spring is only 34 days away...