Monday, August 25, 2014

Healthy Bride Series - The Ultimate Wedding Workout

Well here it is ladies...  The Ultimate Wedding Workout, perfect for my Healthy Bride Series! You and your bridesmaids can do this workout program together to get the picture perfect bodies you have been hoping for before the big day :)
They've designed an Ultimate Wedding Workout program for women wanting to look and feel great on their Wedding Day. For only $25.95 you will receive an 8 Week Workout Program with all the exercises, including pictures and descriptions on how to do them. Meal and Nutrition Guide, Success Journal and a Wedding Planner so you don't miss those important tasks in planning for your big day.

All the exercises require NO equipment so they can be done at home, outdoors or just with your bridesmaids. A lot cheaper than an 8 week Gym membership :)

You can check out video reviews and comments from brides that had great success with The Ultimate Wedding Workout on their website.

Tamra Brown - Bristol, United Kingdom

It's amazing what's possible when you have the right information in your hands. Thank you Ultimate Wedding Workout for making me look my best on my special day. Everyone wanted to know my secret...........

With all the money that gets spent on your wedding day this is a great price for something that you can continue using beyond your "I dos" and you will look great and feel amazing when your groom falls head over heels again with his bride!

Get Fit and Stay Healthy

A DIY Bride's Dream - Craft Supply Boutique with JosyRose

If I had the time amongst being a mom, wife, career woman, and the many other hobbies I do in addition to being a DIY wedding blogger, I would be a wedding planner that makes wedding crafts. I just got back from my sister-in-law's wedding that I stood as a bridesmaid in and made many wedding decorations for including the cake topper. When doing an inventory for all the items I would need for the cake topper I realized I would need to stop at about 4 different stores to collect all of the items needed to put it together. Because of where I live and the convenience of online shopping (come on, what beats having items delivered right to your door!) I would choose web browsing in my pjs over walking up and down the same aisle of a store three times over just to find that one item I am looking for. So, in lies today's blog post; if you can envision it JosyRose has it!! 

Had I have only known about JosyRose two months ago I would have saved myself time and the headache of searching for craft supplies for a very particular wedding cake topper. JosyRose has endless beads, buttons, lace, and feathers; with over 8,000 products you will surely find everything you are looking for to create those special touches for your DIY wedding.

In their Wedding Collection you will find favour making, wedding stationary, tiaras and crowns, beads, diamonds, ribbons, bridal trimming, brooches, and bridal applique. Want lace? They've got it!

Whether you are a DIY veteran or a newbie you can find all the tools required to get the job done at JosyRose.

Make It!


Make It!


Make It!


JosyRose is based in the U.K however, they ship all around the world with great shipping costs. Get your order shipped FREE within the U.K on all orders over £75!

Get Fancy with your DIY Self and Craft Away...

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Perfect DIY Marriage! with Man-made Love & Cut Card Stock!me--em-graphic-design/c2520

Wedding invitations are the first glimpse your guests get of your upcoming wedding and set the tone for your theme, colours, and create the mood for your special day. If you are planning a DIY wedding, you are likely creating your own invitations whether that just means printing and putting them together or going all out with creating a design and doing your own calligraphy. I have found a few resources to help you get started as well as collecting the materials needed to DIY your own invitations.!little-bridge-design/cqhh!slade-studios-invitations/c15a1

Man-made Love is a global community of designers creating DIY designs and handmade items for weddings. Ranging from dresses, accessories, favours, and stationary and much more, you will not only find ideas for your wedding but you can also purchase handmade items directly from the designers and creators. For those brides-to-be looking for a DIY experience with their invitations, Man-made Love features designers who have created digital designs that you can Print Yourself!!alma-b/c1zxg

If you still want a handmade look and design but don't have the time, check out the Printed For You section.!cartamodello-papeterie/chlt

Once you have chosen the perfect design you need to select your paper... this is where the perfect marriage comes in with Cut Card Stock an online card stock warehouse. You are sure to find the exact colours you are looking for with any wedding theme and colour combination. Here are just a few of Cut Card Stocks colour collections. They even have glitter paper!!

Cut Card Stock has pre-folded place cards at an affordable price; save yourself money and time by buying all your stationary in one place and get $5 shipping within the U.S on orders over $49 and FREE shipping on orders over $149.

You can check out Cut Card Stock's Blog where you will find additional paper craft ideas!

Do you want to set an elegant and unforgettable tone for your wedding? Include the elegant and artistic talent of calligraphy on your invitations. Check out my blog featuring Melissa Brown's Calligraphy and learn how you can incorporate it on your wedding stationary!

Get creative, get DIYing!!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Wedding Quickie! - Ohio Entertainment Services

In this Wedding Quickie its all about the after party... your reception that is. If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area J.T Michaels Entertainment has everything you need for an amazing reception experience. You've said your vows at the ceremony and wowed your guests with the meal, now there's nothing left to do but have the time of your life at one of the best after parties you have ever hosted...

J.T Michaels Entertainment Provides:

* Professional Mobile DJ Services for nearly 25 years
* More than 60,000 songs to choose from!
* Digital Wireless Mics
* LED Dance Lighting
* An Award-Winning DJ
* Mobile/Club/Radio
* Customizable Services including: Karaoke, Live Trivia, MC/Host, Photo Booth Rental, and Uplighting

To find out more about J.T Michaels Entertainment click on the image above and submit for a Free Quote Here!

J.T Michaels Entertainment is all over social media, you can Like them on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter, Follow Pins on Pinterest, and view their profile on Linkedin!

Have a blast with J.T. Michaels Entertainment!!!