Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bri's Beloved - What Does a Pink Mouse Have to Do with Weddings?

Since planning my own DIY wedding and getting married we celebrated the arrival of our first child in 2014. As a new parent it is easy to become one track minded thinking solely about your child(ren). This is why today's post is full of cuteness! In this Bri's Beloved post the cute factor is going to be increased for your wedding with some adorable handmade flower girl dresses!

 Now here is where the Pink Mouse comes in...

Pink Mouse Kids is a passion come to life by Karyn who has been designing and selling handmade kids clothing on Etsy since 2008; as well as, an experienced seamstress who has won awards at the Appalachian State Fair and have also been featured in Model’s Life Magazine. Karyn personally designs the items in her shop at her home studio and spends the time ensuring each item is professionally crafted to be durable enough for little boys and girls to wear over and over again. All items are 100% made in the USA.

Whether you are looking for a traditional white tulle dress, a spectacular dress full of colour, an indie style maxi dress or a simple cotton earthy dress, Pink Mouse Kids has many styles to suite any wedding vibe. Typical sizing for these custom dresses are 2T-8 however, custom orders are welcome; you can send Karyn a message HERE with whatever you are looking for.

 Have fun shopping for the littles!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wedding Quickie! - iDO Decor Options App

After this Wedding Quickie! you are going to want to download this app and try it out for yourself! As you know there is an over abundance of wedding apps available ranging from "saved my life" when planning a wedding to "totally useless". Well here is one that will come in handy when you begin planning your wedding decor, especially your reception! Todd Hadaway with The Cover Girlz have created an App called iDO - Decor Options which allows users to select chair covers, sashes, knots, table linens, napkins and change the color or material to then visualize the overall look in the reception space with the use of the camera.

This app is available on both iPhone and Android phones along with tablets! You can find it by searching "iDO Decor" in an app search on your phone. Click on the video below to see how it works; the most exciting part is after making all the selections you can visualize it live in the room with your camera and you can even take a screenshot to share with your wedding party.

iDO - Decor Options has just been launched so you can follow along with the latest news on the iDO Facebook Page and download it here:

For iPhone
For Android

iDO will allow the bride and groom-to-be to see several different views of the decor concentrating on the table linens and chairs covers; while using the app you can change:

- Chair Cover Material and Color
- Sash Material and Color
- Table Linen Color
- Napkins Color

- Table Set Up
- Background

The background can be turned off and the table and chair covers will appear to be in the room you are standing in; then take a picture and share it, as simple as that! This will save you from bringing in a variety of linens to the venue to try to envision what it will look like using just one table or chair to get an idea. I know this app is going to be a useful tool for brides-to-be and can't wait to see how it expands as a wedding planning tool!

You can turn this...

 Into THIS!

Now go download that app!