Saturday, October 6, 2012

Did you remember to invite Aunt Maggie?

So after you have created your vision for the big day and you have planned the venue, menu, colours and guest list it is time to think about, how are we going to let people know we're getting Married!

I come across a great couple who can help you with just that! Travis is the owner of WedInfinity, an Etsy shop that focuses solely on creating wedding stationary for DIY brides. You can't get much more direct than that; Travis and his fiance found the cost to have someone make/print/ship invitations to you was outrageous so they came up with a creative and cost effective way for brides and grooms to get personalized invitations at a fraction of the cost. For even greater savings check them out now because they currently have a one month sale on to celebrate the recent opening of their shop and you can get 15% off your purchase with the coupon code: open15

Here are just a few of their designs that you can personalize as your own 

When you purchase a listing from WedInfinity you get to customize the text, and colour so it is the first glimpse your guests will get in anticipation of the special day. The invitation sets the tone for the wedding day and lets your guests in to see your personality as a couple. After working closely with Travis and his fiance you will have an invitation that is truly your own. There is no risk of the invitations not coming in on time, or getting damaged because you are in control when receiving a high resolution invitation design as an attachment in and email; all you have to do is print as many invitations as you need at your local print shop.

WedInfinity has invitations for save-the-dates, non-traditional weddings, classic style, and even elopements!!

This invitation option is perfect for the DIY bride because this product is printable on anything, and DIY brides can print it anywhere you want! If you want to print it on your own printer for no cost, you can do that.  WedInfinity customizes their products for DIY brides by changing the color to what you want, adding a personal picture, and custom wording sent to Travis and his fiance making the product your own. Since you own the design you bought as a file, you can even edit the design on your own computer to further personalize it or if you need to change the date last minute. Simple, personalized, and DIY!