Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What Makes the Perfect Bridesmaid... Dress?

When planning your wedding day one of the top priorities is finding the perfect bridal gown to set the tone for your wedding day and display your personality and style. There are so many options to choose from including the material, silhouette, cut, neckline, colour, and fine details. Much the same as finding the perfect dress for yourself, there is pressure to find the perfect dress for your bridesmaids, the only difference is you have both your bridesmaids and yourself to find the perfect look for. This can be an overwhelming task when considering you have different body shapes to compliment, varying budgets to consider, and so many styles to choose from. To make things a little easier in your search for what makes the perfect bridesmaid dress I have chosen some styles from which is a very budget friendly online dress shop, that fit with the 2013 Bridesmaid Dress Trends (Just click the images for dress details).

2013 Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Illusion Neckline: This trend has been growing since the Royal Wedding and has expanded it's way into bridesmaid dress trends for 2013. A predominant neckline is paired with a sheer, lace, or even crocheted high neckline to add dimension to this elegant yet sexy 2013 trend. has gorgeous bridesmaid dresses with an illusion neckline that provide this sophisticated elegance at a great price. 


Lace: Lace has always had it's place in wedding celebrations however has typically been worn by the bride; this 2013 wedding trend has created an opportunity for bridesmaids to play with fun uses of lace and feel the elegance and romance that lace had brought brides for centuries! Unlike lace bridal dresses, lace bridesmaid dresses are full of colour and funky styles to have fun with... check them out at 

Peplums: Your seeing it on brides and bridesmaids alike, the peplum is a hot trend in the fashion industry this year and has become a hot trend in the 2013 wedding industry as well. Check out the peplum style found on

One-Shoulder: This year we are finding a lot of bridal trends have been transformed to create the 2013 bridesmaid dress trends seen on the runway. Another common wedding dress trend that created a flattering and modern silhouette for brides is now available for bridesmaids on and it is the one-shoulder style.


White or Ivory: It's no longer taboo for the bridesmaids to wear white on a wedding day since the entrance of Pippa Middleton at the Royal Wedding. 2013 bridesmaid dress trends are full of ivory, white, and champagne dresses creating a classic look. In medieval times it was actually customary for bridesmaids to be dressed in white to act as a decoy, preventing the bride-to-be from being captured for her worth as a dowry. has some simple yet classic white hued bridesmaid dresses that can be tied in with wedding colour themes with a solid coloured sash or floral detail.

They have almost 2000 styles of wedding dresses too!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wedding Dress Motherload!

In the fashion world trends are determined years in advance, this rings true for the wedding industry as well! Now that we are well on our way into Spring 2013 the hottest wedding dress trends are hitting the runway and filling the racks in all the top wedding parlors. But you don't have to cut corners on every other aspect of your wedding just to wear an amazing dress on your wedding day... I have found the motherload of trendy wedding dresses that won't break the bank! is an online shop that sells wedding apparel and dresses that impress. They have a vast array of wedding apparel including 2013 wedding dress trends at an amazing price! Now you may have already bought your wedding dress months or even a year ago but for the DIY brides-to-be out there who have saved the best for last you may find just what you were looking for at This years wedding dress fashion trends are very exciting with unique details, patterns, and colours. There is such a variety of options to choose from to get a very personalized look. Browse through each season's fashion trends and pick out the trends that best suit your personal style.

Trends for the 2013 Wedding Season:

Spring/Summer 2013
  Vera Wang

Colour: Designers are being bold this season with racy reds, tranquil blues, and the ever trendy blush hues. Gone are the days of white being the only wedding dress colour, not everyone looks great in white... find your perfect colour with!

25 Different Colours to Choose From!

Portrait Backs: As you are walking down the aisle all eyes are on you... all of you including your back, as you approach your soon to be life partner at the alter. This season attention to detail has gone into one of the sexiest parts of a woman's body and the backs of brides-to-be are being covered with intricate lace detail, delicate embroidery, and modest peek-a-boo keyhole designs. has a sweet selection of wedding dresses with the perfect portrait back detail.

                               Click the Images to See the Back Details!

                                                                                     Angel Sanchez

Peplums: Peplums are huge this season in the fashion industry and they have made their way into the latest wedding trends. This waist defining silhouette adds a couture look to your wedding gown instantly infusing glamor to your wedding day. has picked up on this wedding trend with these peplum wedding dresses!

                                                                           Full Wrap Around Detail!


Lace Nouveau: is bursting with this season's lace nouveau trend combining the traditional elegance of lace with raw whimsical silhouettes. It's like taking your grandmother's dress and turning it inside out then shortening the hemline and cutting off the sleeves... This is by far my favourite 2013 wedding dress trend and for that reason I have displayed multiple options from

                                                                                 So Many Styles...

                                                                                  Oscar de la Renta

Transformers: Transforming dresses are a key trend being seen in this season, brides-to-be are looking for a versatile look to take them from the aisle to the dance floor. Wedding fashion designers have met the needs of brides by incorporating detachable details to the wedding dress to take it from one look to another without having to buy a second dress. has some gorgeous examples of transformer dresses available on their online shop.


Removable Jackets!

Fall/Winter 2013
                                                                                       Mark Zunino

Blush: Hues of peach, pink, ivory, and champagne can be found at for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2013 Wedding dress trends. White does not flatter all skin tones, so why not try a feminine shade of blush.

                                                   Mix Hues of Peach and Pink

                                                                                   Elizabeth Fillmore

Sweet Romance: Soft romantic trends continue to be a part of the wedding fashion scene with lace and free flowing silhoettes, is no stranger to this season's wedding fashion trend with these dresses and more.




                                                                                    Carolina Herrera

Sleek Minimalist: A sleek minimalist look is a very hot trend outside of the wedding fashion world and it has crept it's way into this season's wedding dress trends. This look is for the no fuss kind of bride who is looking for a clean and classic, well-tailored look which you can find at

                                                                                  Simple yet Classic!

                                                                                         Reem Acra

Victorian-Inspired: There has been a shift away from strapless wedding dresses for the last few years and the more elegant style of a high-neck wedding dress has become this season's trend. has kept up with this trend with these covered-up, yet sexy wedding dresses for 2013.


Oscar de la Renta

Floral: This season's floral trend is more about textured flowers than a bold floral print to create a fun and flirty bridal fashion look. This trend is perfect for outdoor weddings and has a fabulous selection.

                                     Floral Embroidery and Floral Appliques

                                                                                    Jenny Packham

Old Hollywood-Inspired: Beaded details, lots of drama, sleek designs, and deep bust lines all describe this season's Hollywood-Inspired trend. has some of the best dramatic wedding dress designs with exquisite beading details and form fitting styles.

                                                                                   Monique Lhuillier

Long Sleeve: Grace-Kelly, Kate Middleton, and Florence Welch inspired; long sleeve wedding dresses have been influenced and popularized through pop culture and iconic celebrities. This trend is seen throughout the shop.

Check out these and other 2013 Wedding Fashion Trend dresses at: