Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Look"Blog": Intimate Tea Party Wedding

So this is a first of it's kind on Everything Wedding DIY... a "LookBlog" post, a blogger's version of a Lookbook! I will be creating LookBlogs of a variety of wedding themes that you can easily infuse DIY projects into as well as handmade and personal touches. This Spring and Summer 2013 tea parties are all the rave (never thought you would see "tea party" and "rave" in the same sentence eh!). Tea party weddings can be traditional, whimsical, intimate, fancy, and fun; they are so versatile and become infused with your own personal style. Below is a compilation of fabulous images to get your ideas flowing for your own DIY Intimate Tea Party Wedding! If you absolutely LOVE some of the tea party details click the image to find out where you can purchase the handmade items or a step by step tutorial. Enjoy!

Happy Planning!

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