Thursday, December 18, 2014

Guest Talk Series: How to be More Photogenic for Your Wedding Photos

Today, is the start of a new series called, Guest Talk Series; in this series I will be featuring tips, techniques, and wedding features presented by guest bloggers. In today's Guest Talk, you will get some tips on how to be more photogenic for your wedding photos presented by PhotoboothTO; one of the hottest wedding service trends in the Greater Toronto Area.

How to be More Photogenic for Your Wedding Photos
There are very few people out there, especially new brides and grooms, who genuinely love having their photograph taken. Honestly, even the most beautiful people in the world sometimes shudder at the mere thought of being photographed. If you are one of those people who believes that they look abysmal in absolutely every photograph taken of them then you are going to totally love the tips on this page. This is a very quick guide to look a bit more photogenic whether you are preparing for your big day or just hosting a party with a photo booth. Honestly, put a bit of effort into putting these tips into action and I can guarantee you that you will look ravishing.
*  Double chin a problem for you in photographs? Elongate your neck and push your face outwards (by pointing your chin down and sticking your forehead out). This will instantly eradicate any double chin issues and make your face look more defined.

*  Want to make sure that the camera catches your gorgeous eyes but find that you always blink? Keep your eyes closed. Just before you take that photograph, fractions of a second before you take it in fact, open up those eyes and say cheese (you don’t have to do the latter bit, don’t worry). Your eyes will end up being captured in all of their glory.

*  Problems smiling? Stick your tongue behind your teeth when that photograph is being taken. That should hopefully wipe that cheesy grin off your mouth. This is actually a technique utilized by many celebrities who do not want to have that awful wide and fake smile.

*  Are you a female? Then you absolutely must pick up some blush. Many people find that their face looks remarkably flat when it is all one color. Blush will help to inject a touch of dimension into your face and you will look all the better for it.

*  Do not face the camera head on. Even the most beautiful person in the world will look awful if they do that. You should instead be turning your head slightly. This will help to add a touch of depth to your face and ensure that all of your gorgeous features just ‘pop out’.

*  If you have the opportunity to do so you should try to stand in front of a white wall. This should hopefully help to brighten your face. The main reason why you are standing here however, is to ensure that the white balance on your camera is able to work correctly. Standing in front of a white wall will actually stop your skin from appearing too pink or too yellow in the photograph. Again; this is a technique utilized by many a celebrity who want to look a touch more photogenic.

*  Taller than the person taking the photograph? You don’t want to be standing up for it then! People will always look better when a photograph is taken from above them. Photographs looking up at a person will not look good in the slightest. This is why you will catch most short people sitting down for their photo opportunities. They tend to look better that way.
These tips come to you courtesy of, a photo booth rental company in Toronto that specializes in photography for weddings, birthdays, special events and parties. They take thousands of photos every month and know how to help people look their best. So if you are getting married soon and plan to use a photobooth, or you just want to look good for your own photographer, keep these tips in mind and check out their website for more great ideas!

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