Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What Makes the Perfect Bridesmaid... Dress?

When planning your wedding day one of the top priorities is finding the perfect bridal gown to set the tone for your wedding day and display your personality and style. There are so many options to choose from including the material, silhouette, cut, neckline, colour, and fine details. Much the same as finding the perfect dress for yourself, there is pressure to find the perfect dress for your bridesmaids, the only difference is you have both your bridesmaids and yourself to find the perfect look for. This can be an overwhelming task when considering you have different body shapes to compliment, varying budgets to consider, and so many styles to choose from. To make things a little easier in your search for what makes the perfect bridesmaid dress I have chosen some styles from which is a very budget friendly online dress shop, that fit with the 2013 Bridesmaid Dress Trends (Just click the images for dress details).

2013 Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Illusion Neckline: This trend has been growing since the Royal Wedding and has expanded it's way into bridesmaid dress trends for 2013. A predominant neckline is paired with a sheer, lace, or even crocheted high neckline to add dimension to this elegant yet sexy 2013 trend. has gorgeous bridesmaid dresses with an illusion neckline that provide this sophisticated elegance at a great price. 


Lace: Lace has always had it's place in wedding celebrations however has typically been worn by the bride; this 2013 wedding trend has created an opportunity for bridesmaids to play with fun uses of lace and feel the elegance and romance that lace had brought brides for centuries! Unlike lace bridal dresses, lace bridesmaid dresses are full of colour and funky styles to have fun with... check them out at 

Peplums: Your seeing it on brides and bridesmaids alike, the peplum is a hot trend in the fashion industry this year and has become a hot trend in the 2013 wedding industry as well. Check out the peplum style found on

One-Shoulder: This year we are finding a lot of bridal trends have been transformed to create the 2013 bridesmaid dress trends seen on the runway. Another common wedding dress trend that created a flattering and modern silhouette for brides is now available for bridesmaids on and it is the one-shoulder style.


White or Ivory: It's no longer taboo for the bridesmaids to wear white on a wedding day since the entrance of Pippa Middleton at the Royal Wedding. 2013 bridesmaid dress trends are full of ivory, white, and champagne dresses creating a classic look. In medieval times it was actually customary for bridesmaids to be dressed in white to act as a decoy, preventing the bride-to-be from being captured for her worth as a dowry. has some simple yet classic white hued bridesmaid dresses that can be tied in with wedding colour themes with a solid coloured sash or floral detail.

They have almost 2000 styles of wedding dresses too!

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