Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Craft, You Craft... weCraft!

So I have something unique for brides-to-be to check out in their search for inspiration as well as sharing their DIY ideas to help other BTB's and it's called... weCraft - The Inspiration Marketplace

Go to to request your invite!

Aaron Price is the founder of the weCraft website and inspiration board and got started after being involved with the motorcycle parts world which opened his eyes to DIYers in general. They started with a general site for DIYers to share projects, and crafts quickly became the leading category. As they got more into it they realized how passionate crafters were, but how poor the online tools were to support them. Their vision is to help modernize the industry. Inspiration and community are the two words that drive the weCraft website. If someone finds a project on weCraft and says,"OMG I have to make that", they've accomplished Step 1: Inspiration. Once they make a connection with another crafter Step 2: Community, their mission is complete! weCraft is about bringing creative people together to share ideas, create lasting memories and have fun. It's a lot more fun to spend time making crafty things than it is to browse aisles in big box stores. It's time for a better solution... I craft, you craft, weCraft! Join today, spread the word, and help grow the community.

What weCraft has to offer the DIY Bride:

Project ideas & Simplicity... enough said!

DIY projects for weddings are all over the internet; however a lot of times finding the supplies to make those projects is a big challenge. The weCraft goal is to have a robust DIY Wedding category that helps brides find great wedding project ideas in one place AND buy the supplies to make the projects in the weCraft shop. Brides have enough to do to plan for a wedding, weCraft wants to make things easier for you!

My Review:

So when I heard of weCraft I tried it out for myself... check me out at and "Swatch Me". On weCraft when you follow a person's projects for inspiration it's called "Swatching", so you can swatch others and other can swatch you.

What I Look Forward To:

weCraft is in the early stages of getting the shop up and running to have Craft Kits of inspiring projects. Once the shop is up and running it will be a great tool for brides-to-be and crafters alike. All you need to do to be notified once the shop is open is enter in your email address and you'll get an email when it is ready.

As the weCraft community grows it will be exploding with amazing DIY wedding and craft ideas, so to help this happen we need to spread the word. That's why I was very excited to do a blog post about it to get it out there in the DIY wedding community. For all you DIY brides-to-be and former BTB's who have lots of lovely pictures of your own wedding projects head over to weCraft and claim your own weCraft page!

What I Love:

When creating my own weCraft page I had a lot of fun! The weCraft site is very user friendly and the interface to add projects is simple, I love the drag and drop feature of adding images to create a project. weCraft is continually making changes to improve the site and one change they will be making is expanding the list of tags to incorporate a whole slew of wedding related tags for your projects. I love the large layout of the images so you can really see the inspiring project ideas, needless to say the pages are very pleasing to the eye and with the click of a button you can pick items you find inspiring, tweet them on Twitter, and even pin them on Pinterest.

So join weCraft, start swatching me, and add your own projects so I can swatch you and we can continue inspiring DIY brides around the world!

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