Thursday, April 4, 2013

Doerman Photography - DIY Eco-Friendly Wedding!

Next to the venue and the wedding dress one of the most stressful, but important choices to make during your wedding planning is the photographer. Wedding photography has become such a competitive area in the event planning industry and when you are looking to get one of the best you need to book the one you get that gut feeling about up to a year in advance (At times more than a year when you have chosen a popular weekend wedding in the Summer). Doerman Wedding Photography in Nashville, Tennessee is sure to give you butterflies with their contemporary portraiture and photojournalism blend. If you don't live in Nashville but love Doerman Wedding Photography no need to worry, they love traveling for weddings, and would be ecstatic to travel abroad! Doerman Wedding Photography's average price for wedding photography is $3,500 however differs with your choice of album size, print options, and if you are looking for an engagement or bridal session. If you would like to get your own price quote just click the contact link on their site and let them know what you are looking for. Michael Doerman is the lead photographer of Doerman Wedding Photography and has vast experience in the photography industry including having acquired a Bachelor's Degree in Photography.

Doerman Wedding Photography captured an amazing DIY and Eco-friendly wedding that exemplifies the essence of what this blog is about. Picture this... A warm Summer day, an amazing wedding dress garage sale find, handmade details, simple yet exquisite backdrop, and a whole lot of love!

Your Wedding Could Be Here!

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