Friday, March 25, 2016

Wedding Quickie! - The Name Says it All with Hire Waiters!

So, regardless of being Canadian and loving to support and feature other Canadians and their businesses, I also just love finding great artisans and wedding services from around the world. One that is not always thought of but can significantly decrease the stress of pulling off an amazing DIY wedding is hiring wait staff to assist with serving food and drinks, setting up a bar service, cocktail bartenders, and cleaning and tidying up after an event.

Hire Waiters is a service that offers just that; based in major cities in Australia (Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane) Hire Waiters provides you with professional service when you need to hire waiters and waitresses for your special event.

Just imagine how it would feel to not have to worry about which one of your family members or friends is in charge of bringing out more food when needed or clearing a pile of used dishes out of the way from the table settings of your DIY backyard wedding. How great it would feel to not have to think about any of the logistics of food and drinks or cleaning up as the evening goes on and just enjoying the time with family and friends celebrating your special day.

Hire Waiters isn't just for weddings, they offer professional wait staff services for any special event including engagement parties, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate functions, and dinner parties. If this sounds like the perfect addition to your wedding or special event just click on the chosen location and fill out the form to get a free, no-obligation quote for the service you need!

 Now, just sit back and relax... it will all be taken care of!

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  1. Great. I have been planning the wedding for a mate and currently going through some wedding venues for the ceremony. Great advice!! It is going to be a small and intimate ceremony and I'm sure friends and relatives would be busy blessing the couple so... this is what I'll do!