Thursday, March 31, 2016


What is a Hen Party you ask? Well for those in the UK, there is no question but for Canadian and U.S brides-to-be a Hen Party or "Hen Do" is essentially a bachelorette party. Many brides are aware of and participate in parties to celebrate the bride-to-be however, what is on trend now is turning your Hen Party into a vacation for the gals!

Hen Party Despidalia specializes in bachelorette parties, private and original in Barcelona. They take care of the shows, dinners, accommodation; everything a bride-to-be and her party need. Despidalia is #1 in Barcelona for Spanish girls, and have now hit the international market! Who wouldn't love to go on a vacation with their besties to celebrate one of the most exciting events in their life?! This is one of those experiences that if I could go back and do things over again I would have planned a Hen Party away with my bridal party to create unforgettable memories that you don't often get the opportunity to take advantage of once you start building a family with a house and kids...

When you get married life changes, in a lot of ways for the better but I'm not going to lie... you are going to experience challenges too. A trip with the girls can be that experience that doesn't always happen but grounds you in who you are as an individual and celebrating all that is you and the next big life stage to come. You can make the trip as simple or extravagant as you desire. One of my favorite things about Despidalia is the "Build Your Hen Do" section.  I like just playing around with all the options to imagine the get away I could have! Maybe when the kids are a little older and money is less tight I will plan my Hen Party as a celebration of my accomplishments in marriage ;)

Let the adventures begin... You totally deserve it. Weddings are something worth celebrating with your friends!

And don't forget customized bachelorette T-shirts are a must when celebrating! T-Shirt Studio prints personalized t-shirts among other things and one of their most popular items are sets of shirts for hen nights, stag and doe's, or even bridal party personalized tees. You can simply use the templates already created for your pre-wedding parties or you can get your creative juices flowing and design your own!

I would love to hear your plans for pre-wedding celebrations and if you have already had a Hen Party what were your must do's?

Life is worth celebrating!

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