Saturday, November 30, 2013

Not Your Ordinary Engagement and Wedding Rings by Rodeo Gold

I personally love unique engagement and wedding rings, I am not a solitaire kind of gal nor did I want a ring similar to what everyone else had... I did find my engagement/wedding band at a jewelry store however, I did not find it in the wedding sections :) My ring was not a typical style to fit and band but that was okay with me because it was unique enough to stand alone. My ring was used as both my engagement ring as well as the wedding band exchanged during our ceremony. I fell in love with my ring because of it's antique feel with intricate scroll designs as well as the sparkle with forty-one tiny diamonds.

Whenever I come across non-traditional alternative to engagement and wedding rings I get excited! I found that excitement in Rodeo Gold's ring collections and wanted to share them with you.

Stand Alone Engagement/Wedding Rings

Matching Couple Wedding Rings

This is just a mere sample of what Rodeo Gold offers so if you have something else in mind check out their full website. Rodeo Gold ships world wide and offers the option to change the language and currency on their website to assist your shopping experience. They have a variety of categories to choose from to help you select the perfect wedding rings like Gemstone Bands, Dragon Bands, Cylindrical Bands, Rolex Bands, Unique Bands, and more... You can also shop Rodeo Gold's jewelry sections for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and anklets. With their lowest price guarantee you are sure to find the ring set you are looking for. Step outside the box and express you individual personality through your choice of wedding ring!

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  1. These wedding rings look unique and i personally love this wedding ring and your wedding plans for both wedding and engagement ring.