Friday, November 29, 2013

Personalized to the MAX! with Special Gift Boxes & Handbag-Asia

Okay, okay, some brides and grooms-to-be can go a little over the top when it comes to being matchy-matchy with their wedding decor and details. There is a limit which falls somewhere between this...

and this...

You can however, personalize your wedding in a smart and chic way with online shops like Handbag-Asia and Special Gift Boxes. To start Handbag-Asia offers unique embellished wedding invitation boxes. I must say, this is the first I have seen or heard of wedding invitation boxes and they are quite elegant. Handbag-Asia has hundreds of options to choose from in addition to embellishments. These invitation boxes could be used to set the tone of your wedding for all of your guests or given only to special guests. Handbag-Asia also offers fabulous silk envelopes and wedding pouches that are versatile and can be used as an invitation envelope or even a prestige pouch to present your wedding card in if you are a wedding guest. Handbag-Asia ships their products worldwide and have great testimonials, for further information you can contact Handbag-Asia HERE.

Below you will find combinations from both Handbag-Asia and Special Gift Boxes of how to personalize your wedding giving it that wow factor instead of your guests saying Whoa!

So after you have set the tone with invites you can coordinate your wedding theme with wedding favour boxes, favours, and table decor all found at Special Gift Boxes. With all the options to choose from it would be easy to find those extra special touches for most wedding themes. As a wedding guest you can also find special gift boxes to present your wedding gift in or that extra special detail for your bride or groom's gift just before the wedding. With international shipping you can order these extra details from anywhere, for additional information or questions not answered in the FAQs you can contact Special Gift Boxes HERE.

Shabby Chic Romance

"Mad Men" Sophisticated

Vintage Tea Party

Modern Elegance

Indie Garden

Playful Free Spirit

Hollywood Glamour

Beach Destination

Worldly Parisian

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Personalize your wedding to the MAX!

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