Saturday, August 3, 2013

Your Special Moments with Whisper Events - Sydney, Austrailia

Whisper Events is a wedding planning company in Sydney, Australia that provide clients from all walks of life with the most suitable and cost effective solutions for their dream event, transforming it into a personal and memorable reality. Whisper Events specializes in weddings within the Sydney and surrounding area. Their passion for organizing unique and unforgettable events and being rewarded by those happy faces at the end of a great night is the inspiration behind their work, where "anything you fancy" goes.

The most amazing part about using Whisper Events is it's FREE!! Yeah, you read that right, free.

Check out their company profile video to get all the details about how this free wedding planning service works! Whether you live in Sydney, Australia or you are planning a destination wedding in the area Whisper Events should be your go to destination for wedding planning. Check out the informative video HERE!

How it all works...

Once you get in contact with Whisper Events, they will organize a time to meet with you to gather the necessary information they need to know about your special event. This may be at your home, office, or a nearby café (within the Sydney metropolitan area). Once this is complete, you can leave the worry of contacting venues, florists, photographers, dj's, or even finding that one of kind wedding favour that's as personal as your wedding.

You may be wondering how a free wedding planning service can offer fantastic services totally free of charge and still "pay the bills". Put simply, this is how it all works... Whisper Events refers their clients to their event vendors (caterers, florists, etc), who save on having to spend on marketing their services. This then allows them to pass on their savings and referral fees to Whisper Events which as a result enables them to offer you great exclusive deals. Charging for a service they love, doesn't quite fit their profile because they have a great passion for organizing successful events. When I heard of this amazing service I became quite envious of the brides-to-be who have such a service available to them. This is definitely something worth checking out!!

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