Thursday, August 8, 2013

Responsibly Sourced Diamonds with Goldsmiths since 1778

With social media and the advancements online, people are becoming more consciously aware of social, political, and environmental concerns. There has been decades of awareness surrounding diamonds and where they are sourced and how it impacts individuals around the world. When purchasing a ring that you will be wearing for the rest of your life you likely wouldn't want to be actively participating in the scandal of buying "blood diamonds" that people have lost their lives as a result of wars being financed through their sale. These diamonds are primarily mined in Africa where two-thirds of the world's diamonds come from.

Goldsmiths ensures that their diamonds are acquired from legitimate sources which have no involvement in funding conflicts. Goldsmiths is a signatory of the Kimberley Process certification scheme which requires guarantees of diamond origin through the supply chain ( Goldsmiths takes pride in their social responsibility efforts and they have outlined their role in these efforts in detail HERE. Goldsmiths has showroom locations across the United Kingdom and can be contacted here for inquiries:

Whether you live in the UK or are planning a destination wedding in the UK, Goldsmiths is a sure stop for your engagement or wedding rings. Look at some of these beautiful styles by browsing the diamond and wedding categories!

 Goldsmiths even has a gorgeous Canadian Ice Collection filled with Canadian diamond jewelry!

I'm always happy to find socially responsible jewelers that are interested in more than just selling a product but that also make it a priority to become fully aware of their product and the impact on the global world! If you happen to be in the area check out Goldsmiths and ask about their social responsibility efforts, and make them a part of your special day.

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