Monday, August 12, 2013

Make Booking Your Venue, Easy Street! with

I love when I come across individuals and couples who take their wedding planning experience and turn it into a way to help others. The Everything Wedding DIY blog was sparked by my passion for wedding planning and my desire to share my finds with others. Over the years this blog has changed from an occasional hobby to continue to explore the wedding world even after my own DIY wedding had come and gone, and now has become a serious venture to seek out new and interesting services, ideas, and tips for brides-to-be. That's why I was happy to become connected with Jamie and Chris who also took their wedding experience and turned it into a business offering a great product for every wedding venue to take advantage of with the goal of making life much simpler for couples planning their own wedding!

Just under two years ago Chris and Jamie got married and in their attempt to make that happen they spent over a month trying their hardest to book a venue. It was even harder for them because they were booking a venue in a remote location. However, the biggest problem for Jamie and Chris came when they were trying to figure out if the particular venues they were interested in would be available the dates they had in mind. It was the most frustrating thing...

With Chris being a internet start-up consultant and Chief Technology Officer for a popular online destination and Jamie having her masters in online social media marketing they saw an opportunity staring them in the face... So they made VenueAve and are just now finally getting to offer it to the world!!

In a nutshell this is how the wedding venue search tends to play out...

But with VenueAve this is how it could be!

Check out the videos HERE & HERE to learn more. If you are a wedding vendor check out VenueAve for more details on how this service can assist you and benefit your clients with the wedding planning process.

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