Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why DIY for your Wedding?

There is a new generation of weddings and they are cost effective, environmentally conscious, and intimate. Trends are beginning to show that more and more couples are opting for more non-traditional weddings that show the personalities of the couple. If you type DIY wedding in a search you will find 5, 040,000 results. This can be quite overwhelming sifting through all of the sites so in this blog I will share with you how I put together my DIY and handmade wedding with a $5,000 budget, and share the great sites I found along the way to help you create your own beautifully unique DIY Wedding!

Follow me to see upcoming posts and pictures of my 10.10.10 DIY wedding. I will be including How-Tos for most of my DIY projects that you will see as a part of my wedding to re-create and put your own touch on for your own special day :)

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