Sunday, September 26, 2010


Well, as of today I will be getting married in exactly 2 weeks... I am going to be honest I am excited but I am freaking out a little too... I have been planning my wedding for the last year and a half and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved making DIY projects, and searching for great Etsy finds for my wedding. Even though my wedding planning is coming to an end and I will be bringing it all together on October 10th I still love finding unique Etsy stores that would add that special touch to weddings. I am a social worker and currently working on my MSW but when things get stressful I swear I should get into wedding planning. Here is another great shop I found when creating this blog. I am excited to bring such variety to this blog and hope to help some soon-to-be brides in their wedding planning journey.

ScarlettandMaria is an Etsy shop that specializes in floral hair accessories that would be a great addition to yours or your bridesmaids overall wedding look. ScarlettandMaria used to be an online shopping junkie spending crazy amounts of money on clothing and accessories trying to create her look. She was never satisfied and realized the only way to get it was to make it herself. So she asked her mother to teach her how to use a sewing machine, read a pattern, and she has been learning on her own through trial and error for 10 years since. She used to have her own store selling handmade gothic clothing but took a break when she had her son. It's been a few years and she's ready to get back into it but her aesthetic has changed to be more versatile. ScarlettandMaria is a belly dancer, a hippy, a mom, a punk, a dready, a potential bride and so much more. She made a few clothing items but soon discovered Japanese folded fabric flower accessories and have been creating them obsessively all summer. She learned from a book but had to develop her own technique to make them the best quality for others. Kanzashi fabric folding is a Japanese art, but her flowers have a distinctive American twist along with her own personal flavor.

When it comes to weddings ScarlettandMaria can make kanzashi folded fabric flowers for the bride's hair, bridesmaids' hair or gifts, flower girl, ring bearer pillows etc. Her pictures all show bright color varieties but they can all be custom made in white or in your wedding colors. The backs can be customized to be French barrettes, alligator clips, snap clips, brooch pins, bobby pins, combs, ribbon pendents, ornaments or any other idea you can think of. She has not yet done a bouquet but she can't wait to experiment with one. As you can see from the shop she can also do butterflies and dragon flies, and she has even done an owl!

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  1. Thank you for featuring my shop! I love this blog theme =)

  2. These are so cute! Great find. Love the look of the blog, very nice!