Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wedding Quickie! - Don't Settle for Boring Wedding Photos...

Your wedding photos are one of the only visual windows into your special day; they should be captivating, emotion provoking, and just plain fabulous!! I have seen the work of many wedding photographers and have even featured a number of photographers on my blog in the past. Today I would like to feature William West Studio which is a collaborative group of wedding photographers. I am just blown away by the details, creativity of work, and juxtaposition of their photos! I can't even do their work justice with words so I am going to share a collage with you of my all time favourites and you can check out his website for more!! William West Studio is easy to navigate so if you just know these are the kind of wedding photos you want contact them ASAP!! The great ones get snatched up quickly... William West Studio's photographers are based in New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Seattle (as of March 2015). They work on assignments throughout the United States and abroad.

"All I have to say is wow!"
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