Monday, January 19, 2015

Wedding Quickie! - Get your App on!!

This Wedding Quickie is all about getting your app on... with some of the newest wedding apps and tools to make your life easier while planning your wedding.


DesignApp is a FREE web application that lets brides-to-be and non-designers create designs for wedding invitations, stationary, monograms, etc; couples can design everything they need for their wedding. Using a drag-and-drop tool, DesignApp is easy to use for custom images. This app works for all devices; mobile applications are available on Google Play and the IOS App Store.


iGuest App is a FREE guest management app specially made for weddings. It helps wedding coordinators or the bridal party check in guests paperless with speed and style. This app works for iPad and is available on the IOS App Store. If you want to know more check it out HERE.

Happy Planning!!

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