Thursday, January 29, 2015

Healthy Bride Series - Aphrodisiac Foods!

If you have read previous Healthy Bride Series blog posts you will know that Everything Wedding DIY is no stranger to promoting a healthy sex life and satisfying marriage... If you are new to this blog and I have peaked your interest you can check out some of the other sexy blog features below:

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Today's blog feature is all about naturally enhancing the mood with food... so, without further ado let's talk aphrodisiacs! For those who don't already know what an aphrodisiac is, it is a substance that when consumed increases sexual desire. It is highly unlikely that you have never consumed an aphrodisiac before because they are common sometimes everyday foods in some cultures. Surprisingly aphrodisiacs for men and women can differ. 

It is said that the top aphrodisiacs for women are:

* Fenugreek
* Ginseng
* Cacao/Dark Chocolate
* Cinnamon/Ginger/Nutmeg
* Flaxseeds
* Red Wine
* Watermelon
* Pumpkin Seeds

And the top aphrodisiacs for men are:

* Oysters
* Bananas
* Avocados
* Nuts
* Shrimp

No that your interest has been peaked, you can learn more about aphrodisiac foods on A Touch of Erotica! Whether you are saving yourself for your wedding night or are hoping for some extra romance on your wedding night, aphrodisiac foods should definitely make an appearance on your honeymoon to enhance a healthy sex life. Touch of Erotica has a detailed list of aphrodisiac foods along with the reasons they work; so go take a look and design the perfect menu to set your hearts on fire!

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