Monday, March 17, 2014

Wonderful Weddings Series: Junk Yard Wedding!

In this new series Wonderful Weddings I will be featuring unique, beautiful, creative, and inspirational weddings. I love that brides and grooms are injecting their own personal style into their wedding days and stepping outside of the traditional wedding box that once existed. There is no longer a wedding "norm" and couples are freely creating a day of celebration that embodies the essence of who they are as a couple including their values, culture, and personal beliefs. 

This first wedding feature is one shared with me by BEBKE an Israel based wedding planning company. BEBKE wedding is one of a kind. In the perfect ambiance, the precise location, the special flavors and rising sounds... a story like this, written just for you, is not soon forgotten.










 Junk Yard Wedding

Gypsy Style: 270 Guests
Location: Iron-Art Workshop, Israel
Photography By: Alexey Kudrik

Stylish, Colourful, Unique

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