Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wedding Quickie! - The Upbra... A Must Have for Brides and Bridesmaids!!

You will be glad you checked out this Wedding Quickie!  Did you find the perfect wedding dress and now have to find the perfect bra to go with it, well here it is... the Upbra!

The Upbra is the first adjustable cleavage enhancing lift-up bra. Set the degree of lift and cleavage exactly how you want with any outfit and it stays up strapless. Really! It is a convertible bra too. Perfect for wedding dresses and other formal-wear. Right now Upbra is excepting pre-orders for their VIP (Very Important Presale) Program. The Upbra is set to launch Summer 2014, but if you place a pre-order they will ship your size as soon as it is in stock. Even before the launch! 

Click on the VIP Treatment info above to pre-order your Upbra for your 2014 wedding. Brides and bridesmaids have different shapes and sizes, this is a great solution to find that perfect fit for everyone! No need to fuss with the dress not sitting properly or even worse your strapless bra falling down while you're on the dance floor and constantly re-adjusting... The official launch date of the Upbra is June 2014 and with a pre-order you will get yours as soon as the bras are produced.

You're Welcome... ;)

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