Friday, January 17, 2014

Destination Wedding Feature with Exquisite Destination Travel... Specializing in destination weddings, honeymoons & romantic getaways!

Have you been dreaming about a destination wedding, or the exotic place you would love to go for your honeymoon? Maybe you are already married and are thinking of plans to go on a romantic getaway for a monumental anniversary like 10 years, 25 years, or even your 50th anniversary!! I have come across a wonderful website and service that will help you plan your dream vacation even if it is rolled into your wedding day; it will help you stress less about overspending, stick to a budget without missing out, and plan your wedding, honeymoon, or getaway with ease.

Karen Snowdy is the owner of Exquisite Destination Travel and her vision came about through her passion for travel and wanting to help others experience the world. Exquisite Destination Travel stands out from your everyday Travel Agencies or Online Booking Services because after you connect with Exquisite Destination Travel your service does not end after booking... it has just started!! Karen will ensure that your destination wedding plans are just as personalized and and unique as your honeymoon and any other travel experience you choose. If you want to get to know Karen and the services of Exquisite Destination Travel a little more before making any commitments she offers a no-obligation "Let's Get Acquainted Session" that you can schedule HERE :)

For a list of Exquisite Destination Travel's services click on the image above. Karen has experience planning her own destination wedding in Maui, and has experience with cruises and other destinations to help you plan an exquisite travel experience.

What others are saying about Exquisite Destination Travel services!

"I couldn't have done it without you "Karen Snowdy"! Our trip to New Orleans was beyond PERFECT! Not only seeing John Mayer was was our suite at the Wyndham Hotel! Everything was what we wanted! Thank you so very much!"
- Mandy Landry

You can follow Exquisite Destination Travel on Facebook or contact Karen directly at It's always nice to know you have some expert help when planning trips to destinations otherwise foreign to you and with the knowledge and experience of someone with travel and wedding planning experience it will help put your mind at ease to know there is someone to reach out to no matter how simple or complex your planning needs are!

Check out Exquisite Destination Travel and you won't be disappointed...

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