Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Destination Wedding Feature & Real Wedding Spotlight with Bebke Wedding Planning - Israel
Okay, I must admit when thinking of wedding destinations Israel was not one that crossed my mind however, after seeing the spectacular weddings on Bebke - Tailor-Made Magic it would definitely be a top contender for a religious ceremony!! Bebke is a boutique wedding and design company located in Israel, who specialize in doing very unique weddings that tell the couples story. What I love most about their wedding planning service is they do all the decorations by hand; DIY at it's best! Bebke works with couples from all around the world and their wedding gallery is absolutely exquisite, I had so much fun exploring the unique weddings and details of each one!

One of the weddings that stood out for me was the Picnic at the Pool Wedding... this is something I have not seen before put together with such detail making the day look amazing as a wedding venue rather than just another backyard party. Check it out below :)



A Villa in Caesarea, 200 guests


I have fallen in love with the style and attention to detail that Bebke puts into their wedding planning and there is sure to be future feature blog posts of the fabulous weddings they produce so come back often if you love their style just as much as I do!!

If you want to know more about planning a destination wedding in Israel check out these informative websites:


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