Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wedding Quickie! - The Best Custom Wedding Bobbleheads from Head-to-Toe

Have you ever secretly wished there was a Bobblehead that looked just like you? With OMG Bobble you can make that wish come true... in fact you can transform both yourself and your fiance into a Bobblehead wedding cake topper for your wedding day! OMG Bobble offers two kinds of custom wedding Bobbleheads: 7 inches tall standard Bobblehead dolls and 3.5 inches tall mini Bobblehead dolls. No matter if it’s one person, two people or a group in whatever clothes, poses, or accessories OMG Bobble can create it! If you can provide pictures and ideas, they can make the 3D Bobble heads. Check out these fun wedding Bobbleheads :)!Looking-for-A-Best-Wedding-Gift/cpdz/50F392DE-9BFB-4677-ADC0-7C27994EBE53!Custom-Wedding-Bobbleheads-By-OMGBobble/cpdz/8D37103C-66ED-4D16-957D-2E1616172963

OMG Bobble is an artist-owned American company devoted to fully customized handmade Bobbleheads and have been named America's #1 fully customized Bobbleheads.

OMG Bobble provides:


* 100% handmade Bobbleheads fully based on your photo & ideas from head to toe. ANY cloth, items, poses, shoes can be DONE.
* No hidden fees. Price includes hat, tattoo, glasses,and small items on hand, such as ball, golf club, etc.
* Perfection in details, use a real veil for bride doll.
* Worldwide shipping.

In just 4 weeks you can have your custom wedding Bobblehead to show off to your wedding guests and keep at a memento of your perfect day!!gallery/c17jy!gallery/c17jy!gallery/c17jy!gallery/c17jy
Click on the picture above to purchase your custom 7 inch wedding Bobblehead now!

For the 3.5 inch version click the picture below to purchase your custom wedding topper :)!store/c219r

FAQs: Want to know more, click on the FAQs to learn more about having your own custom/handmade Bobblehead created!!

If you aren't looking for a wedding cake topper check out this great idea... Bobbleheads as groomsmen gifts!!How-to-Plan-the-Best-Wedding-Gift-for-Bestmen/cpdz/1

Bobble On :)

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