Saturday, December 28, 2013

Provide Organization & Entertainment at Your Wedding with Tribute Kiosk!

As our lives continue to be surrounded by technology, weddings also begin to morph with the technology trends that both provide entertainment and make wedding planning easier. Tribute Kiosk is one technology trend that is becoming more popular for brides and grooms trying to bring organization and fun to their wedding!

With Tribute Kiosk you can begin planning and organizing your wedding with the online service; then on your wedding day a Kiosk is provided that greets your guests, lets them know the seating arrangement, tells them all about the wedding party, allows them to take photos and leave video messages for the bride and groom, and leave monetary gifts or make a donation to the charity of your choice! All that in a free standing video machine. Tribute Kiosk serves the Greater Toronto Area and as the bride and groom you can create a free wedding website, create and manage your guest list, send out invitations, receive RSVPs, create a seating plan for your guests at the wedding, view a slideshow of your photos, and even view your wedding messages online and will also receive a DVD of all the high definition messages. For more details about how Tribute Kiosk works check out the video HERE!

One of the key features of Tribute Kiosk is that it is an unattended photo booth for your wedding that allows guests to take pictures and print them on customizable 2x6 or 4x6 prints. It further allows for video messages to be recorded; having an unattended kiosk is much better than attended kiosks or photo booth set ups as the guests are more at ease when using it. When your guests are at ease, they record memorable messages for you. The kiosk is also available for the whole wedding as it is unattended instead of only a few hours with a photo booth photographer. Once the party really gets started guests can be free to come and go as they please rather than a specific time during the evening. Guests can also come and browse through other people's pictures and comment on it as well bringing a more interactive experience!

Want to know what others think about Tribute Kiosk, check out the testimonials from brides and their guests. If you would like more details about the service or would like to book a kiosk for your wedding contact Tribute Kiosk HERE.

Have fun at your wedding with Tribute Wedding!!

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