Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bri's Beloved - MiyabiGrace Cotton Pearl Wedding Jewelry!

OohhhEmmmGeeee! Ready for some wedding gorgeousness? MiyabiGrace is an Etsy shop that sells gorgeous cotton pearl jewelry which is more than perfect for weddings and gifts for the bridal party.

Never heard of cotton pearl jewelry? Its very popular in Japan and even out of stock in the market. Cotton pearl jewelry is only available in Japan since there is only one manufacturer in the world, located in Japan. Cotton pearls are compressed cotton with a pearl coating. Some of the cotton pearl beads in North America are vintage and manufactured in the 1950s. Therefore, cotton pearls are not easily obtainable; they are rare items. Cotton pearls are unique and have a vintage like texture; this jewelry is ideal for classy, vintage, and indie weddings. shared the following about cotton pearls:

It is said that the cotton pearl jewelry appeared in the middle of the 19th century. During the Art Deco era. Multi-layered pearl necklaces become popular, however, the weight of these necklaces was so heavy, therefore, in order to lighten the weight, the cotton pearl beads were invented. Cotton pearl beads had been manufactured until around 1955; however, due to the popularity of plastic pearl jewelry, cotton pearl jewelry disappeared from the market. Recently, beautiful antique-like and lustrous cotton pearl jewelry has become popular again in Japan. The beads began being manufactured again in 2009 by a company in Japan.

Since MiyabiGrace focuses on only cotton pearl jewelry, various sizes and colors are available.

MiyabiGrace makes pierced, clip on, and magnetic earrings with a resin invisible clip for people with metal allergy. MiyabiGrace loves making custom bridal orders so if you see something you like but want it a little different you can request a custom order!

Here's my favourite jewelry piece in MiyabiGrace's shop, what's yours?


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