Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bri's Beloved - Bloominous!

Okay, I just have to say it right from the start... I am in LOVE with Bloominous!! Seeing as this is the Bri's Beloved Series I am just going to gush over this start-up company that offers DIY floral decor; honestly such an amazing idea... For my wedding I DIYed almost everything including the bouquets and flowers and had I have known about Bloominous or had access to a similar service I would have used it.

Bloominous is a Los Angeles-based start-up that is changing the way people DIY floral decor for their events, weddings, and parties. Their DIY floral kits give you everything you need to DIY easily and successfully. They have amazing collections that are professional designed by renowned florists, and their flowers are cut-to-order ensuring freshness. Even their farm-direct flowers are delivered in the right proportions along with photo-instruction cards and video, taking the guesswork out of DIY and saving time and money.

Step #1:
Choose your floral arrangement from Bloominous & order online.

Step #2: 
Open your package with excitement!!

Step #3: through the step-by-step photo instructions provided & DIY...

Step #4:
Marvel at your glorious creation!

Step #5:
Tell all your friends you are the new Martha Stewart :)

Not quite sure which floral arrangement you want? No problem, with Bloominous you can order a trial kit from their collections at 30% off and free shipping so you can see first hand what the colours will look like with the rest of your wedding decor before the big day!



(If I had a collection on Bloominous this is what it would look like!)

Love Bloominous as much as I do and want to know more... check out their Story about how they got started on their very own blog.

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