Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Get Your Custom Wedding Suit with ExclusiveSuit4You!

Have you or your fiance been looking for the perfect suit for your wedding but you just haven't quite found the perfect look? With ExclusiveSuit4You you can custom design every aspect of your suit from the style, shape, colour and details; all based on international standards transformed by ExclusiveSuit4You into exquisitely tailored suits. The value of their products are guaranteed by high quality workmanship and the use of fine materials.

ExclusiveSuit4You has a multi-talented team that works together to bring your wedding vision to life with perfectly tailored suits to fit the colour and style of your wedding. This is a great solution for men who do not fit in average suit sizes, whether taller or wider than the average man ExclusiveSuit4You can make a suit that will fit you like a glove. This would also be a great option for same sex couples looking for a perfectly tailored women's suit. Check out some of ExclusiveSuit4You's stylish and elegant wedding suits!

Looking for something more casual or a coloured suit... ExclusiveSuit4You has 92 options to choose from with a variety of colours, patterns, and different material choices. Pair this with a 52 different shirt options and the possibilities are nearly endless for creating your own custom suit! Customizing your suit is easy... choose your suit material, select all the options you want, put in your measurements, and place your order. Done!

With any order of $280 or more, you get free shipping worldwide!! There are no hidden costs, you only pay for what you order. If your suit is less than $200, you pay a flat rate of $48; great custom made suits at an amazing price!

ExclusiveSuit4You are there to help, just send them an email and you will get a response within 24 hours.

To finish off the look of your custom suit you need a one stop shop for accessories. GENTLEMANJOE has a variety of men's ties, bowties, cufflinks and accessories online! You can check out some of the different looks and in this men's accessory blog post.

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