Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Weddings have become such a creative process from the days of having a traditional cookie cutter wedding with the same decorations and vows as your cousin Suzie. I absolutely love seeing new ideas and creative ways of stepping outside of the traditional wedding box filled with dos and don'ts. One do this wedding season is using coloured paper as a main decorative feature whether it be recycled and Eco-friendly or fancy and full of patterns and sparkle.

In this new series WEDDING TREND ALERT! I will be featuring what's hot, up and coming, or unique to start your own wedding trend. Nowadays with the internet almost anything is at your finger tips and even if you live in a small town with one grocery store and a Wal-Mart over 80 kilometers away you can still plan a fabulous wedding full of creative ideas.

This wedding trend alert is all about paper, you can create the looks above on a big budget and have everything pre-made with only set up required or you can DIY and put it all together from scratch!

One thing that is changing the way brides-to-be plan their weddings is paper flowers. Yep, paper flowers... once popular in the 1970s at weddings, they have now come back around and are more detailed than ever! Pauline at FAV Creations is a Canadian crafter who hand-makes and sells paper flowers for wedding bouquets, centerpieces, decors, and gifts. They are exquisitely crafted and amazingly priced. I swear of all of the different wedding visions I have imagined since getting married in 2010, a paper wedding with a paper floral wedding bouquet would be top of the list.

You can also find FAV Creations on Etsy where you will find more of her bridal bouquets, bouquet wraps, and centerpieces and decor.

Thinking of going with paper pom-poms for your wedding decor, here's some step by step how-tos for  making beautiful paper wedding details.

Looking for more paper wedding decor ideas? Check these out by clicking on the images:


Make your wedding amazing, make your wedding creative... make it with paper! Happy Crafting :)

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