Monday, July 8, 2013

Amazing Photography from Afar by Wedding Snapper

Simon Woodcock is a Melbourne, Australia based photographer originally from a TV broadcast and publishing background; he has now become nearly fully immersed in the world of weddings (he does some red carpet, tennis, and corporate events as well) and is the lead photographer of Wedding Snapper!

As a photographer, it’s his belief that he is there to capture the action of the day rather than create the action.  He might tweak and move things about slightly when shooting some posed photos, but otherwise he follows the day's events in a relaxed and candid style, as discreetly as possible. His promise to you... "I will never ask you or your bridal party to jump for a photo…". Every wedding is different, and thats what he loves about photographing them. From 3 guests in the Botanic Gardens to several hundred on a cliff top overlooking the Great Ocean Road; wherever it is and whatever you have planned, it’s your day!

Wedding Snapper’s Melbourne & Yarra Valley wedding photography packages start at $2,390. Simon offers high resolution disc-only packages, as well as the more traditional wedding albums and related products. You can contact Wedding Snapper for pricing and planning info using the "Say Hello" button link on the Wedding Snapper website. Most Wedding Snapper wedding photography bookings are around Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Great Ocean Road and the Mornington Peninsula, however Simon does travel on request with the additional cost of travel. When you find your photographer match you just know!

Wedding Snapper is not the most traditional wedding photographer, and if you’re not the most traditional bride or groom then you might make a good match!

Wanna keep up with the latest goings on with Wedding Snapper... You can check out Simon's latest gigs at his Wedding Snapper Blog!

Wedding Snapper has some amazing reviews that will set your mind at ease if you have any doubts with your wedding photographer selection:

With all the planning we did for our Wedding I was most concerned with finding the “right” photographer as I knew in years time it’s our photos we would look back on to remember our day…and I had a very certain look and feel I wanted for my photos.
After seeing Simon’s website and then meeting with him I knew he was EXACTLY what I wanted and more!!! Simon has an amazing gift of capturing each special moment throughout the day in the most beautiful photos. Simon made taking all the photos as stress free and painless as possible and he made everyone feel at ease with his great sense of humour and easy going nature.
Simon was very professional throughout the entire process even when I had a few “Bride-zilla” moments!! Our dog even fell in love with Simon and loved him taking her photo during the morning when the bridal party was getting prepared!
For what you get Simon’s prices are very reasonable (don’t tell him that!!) and now 6 months on I don’t even remember the exact costs/details BUT I do know how much we and everyone that has seen them… LOVE our wedding photos. Thanks again Simon!!!! I will continue to recommend you to all my engaged friends without hestiation or any doubt!!!!
Patience, Chris and of course Dusty, South Mebourne

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