Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wedding Management Made Easy with Wednik!!

A wedding is the biggest one time expenditure most people make in their lives. So when you are a DIY bride-to-be the more help you can get with organizing and keeping track of things the better especially if it means saving money. Help with keeping on task... great! Help with keeping on track with your budget... perfect!! Help with wedding planning... wonderful!!! Help with managing your guest list... fabulous!!!! Help with finding local vendors... Amazing!!!!!  Wednik has all of this and more to help out brides-to-be with a variety of Wedding Planning Package Options ranging from FREE (for Brides looking for a little extra help with DIY tools) to PLATINUM (for Brides who want to spend all of their time making everything for the wedding and little time planning and coordinating, a Wednik Wedding Planner takes care of it all).

There are many resources that help couples get ideas for their dream wedding and provide them with basic tools to help with wedding planning. However, there is almost no guidance available on how to plan, budget and finance a dream wedding. Most wedding planners who can guide couples through the process are simply too expensive for most couples. So Wednik created a comprehensive task planning, financial planning and wedding management solution for young couples that cannot afford expensive wedding planners.

All it takes is 3 easy steps to get started and set up a profile account! The Task Manager helps you create your wedding project plan with just a click. You provide your wedding date and Wednik will create a detailed wedding task list with due dates for you. You can share the plan with friends and family, assign tasks, send reminders and track progress.

The Budget Tracker makes Wednik your personal financial advisor and money manager for your wedding. Create your wedding budget and Wednik analyzes how much you save and can safely borrow for the wedding. You can make a saving plan, track your money saved for wedding and track your payments.

Instead of making a directory of wedding planners, Wednik chose to pick only a few to work with. All their planners are U.S. based, certified and experienced. From planning to execution, they work with you on every step. You won't notice that they are doing it remotely and you can save from $1600 or more when you work with their planners.


Wednik lets you maintain your guest list, RSVP status and seating arrangements. You can also send email reminders to your guests using Wednik. Tracking things that you like is easy with Wednik. Add the websites and online products that you like on your Wedding Wall so you can track all that information in one place.

Wednik makes it easy to find a vendor by letting you search from over 80 million businesses worldwide. Instead of showing vendors who pay to to be listed, Wednik searches all the vendors that are listed on Google Places and Yelp; which is a win-win situation for the brides and the vendors.

In the coming weeks, Wednik will be adding a Centralized Wedding Registry and Wedding Invitations. If you are already registered, you will have access to these features automatically. Stay tuned for more info...

Post your favourite or most helpful wedding tip in the comments below to help out fellow DIY brides-to-be and check out Wednik

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